Marketing Generics introduction:

Marketing Generics is a specialist management consultancy, helping companies find and exploit competitive advantage. Our expertise is in marketing, strategy, business planning, organising, and enabling change, with particular experience and specialisation in high-tech businesses.  Marketing Generics has, since its foundation in 1989 by Ian THOMAS, helped over 100 businesses and corporations around the world.  We help companies to:

  • Better understand their business and how to win in their chosen market
  • Realign and transform their organisation and business models to become more profitable
  • Get competitive advantage

Our main domains of competence are:

  • Business Strategy.  Strategic analysis and planning
  • Marketing.  Marketing analysis and planning
  • Sales
  • Organisation structure and fit
  • Leadership and Teams
  • Change Management

Practical ways we can support you:

  • Workshops:  focussed on particular challenges like market entry, getting competitive advantage, building the ecosystem, etc
  • Training:  for your people to increase their skills and capability (through Pedagogia, our sister Learning & Development consultancy)
  • Coaching, 'hand holding' & mentoring:  for people in your team whom you really want to develop
  • Consultancy projects:such as analysis of the competition, customer insights, surveys, market plans, etc